Corporate Services – Corporate Recruitment

“Many recruitment agencies concentrate their efforts exclusively on individual applicant credentials and previous employment positions, which is also a key component of our selection criteria, however, this should never be treated as the absolute methodology when determining suitability. Looking beyond the resume and determining whether an individual possesses that spark, a unique flare of individuality is what we ultimately seek. Someone who can bring new ideas,  creativity and vision to an organisation is really what we look for when recruiting on behalf of our clientele”


Founder & Managing Director 
MCorp Property Services™ Pty. Ltd.

With over a decade of recruitment experience, including recruitment on behalf of the Department of Justice (Victoria) and the Prothonotary’s Office of Supreme Court of Victoria, the team at MCorp have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the key characteristics involved when determining the suitability of individuals for key positions within both private and government organisations.


MCorp Mission Statement

The Corporate Recruitment division of MCorp Corporate Services functions as a specialised recruitment and labour hire service provider to the shopping centre, retail and professional services industry.

Our mission at MCorp is to explore the employment market and to select the highest level of professional individuals available for and on behalf of our clientele.

In doing so, we seek to find individuals with core characteristics and values that coincide with our clients organisation in addition to ensuring that our search involves a selection process that exceeds our clients benchmark expectation.

MCorp’s ultimate mission is to find the perfect candidate with the highest level of professional experience, academically suited background and key characteristics which will not only fill the recruitment criteria set by our clients, but to also enhance the overall value to our clients organisation, both professionally and ethically.


MCorp Values

MCorp’s organisational values is based on family principals to which it was founded and continues to maintain to this day. As a privately owned and managed family enterprise, MCorp has achieved corporate success due to it’s principals of honesty, openness, fairness and integrity to all (clientele and employees alike). These values are maintained and shared throughout the organisation as a whole, from all levels of operation through to the Executive Branch.

To treat all employees and clientele as you would expect to be treated is a basic and core fundamental value we share at MCorp. This value involves being honest in all business dealings, being open and transparent with clients and direct reports, being fair when making business related judgements, involving both internal and external decisions and to maintain the highest level of integrity when representing MCorp, MCorp clientele and oneself.

Achieving and maintaining these values, enables the team at MCorp to not only excel as professional operators and company representatives, but to also excel as individuals. This is what MCorp sets out to achieve as its foundation for employee selection for itself and for its clientele.


Organisation Structure

MCorp maintains and operates a vertical, non-centralised organisational structure.

This structure is designed to promote openness throughout the organisation and to promote idea’s and values sharing.

Sometimes the best and most effective idea’s and strategies can originate from individual and departments external to the matter at hand. MCorp’s “open network” involves regular discussions between departments and encourages idea’s to be shared irrespective of where a direct report or co-department head may be based.

This information sharing network facilities increased knowledge, enabling department heads to make much more informed decisions, particularly when the intelligence is based on actual facts and/or experience(s).